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Infant brain damage leading to permanent disability, coma or death, is often a direct result of medical negligence. If you believe your baby is a victim of medical negligence resulting in brain damage, you may be entitled to financial compensation. Please contact New York birth injury lawyer Mark L. Bodner for a free consultation.

What Is Brain Damage?

Brain damage is the destruction or degeneration of brain cells. The degree of impairment or disability caused by brain damage varies from child to child and can include:

Do I Have A Brain Damage Birth Injury Case?

If you experienced one or more of the following during your pregnancy or child's birth, it is possible that your baby's brain damage may be the result of a preventable birth injury:

Living With Brain Damage

A baby with brain damage will require a lifetime of special needs. Neurologists, physiatrists, physicians, neuropsychologists, physical therapists, occupational therapists, psychologists and other specialists may be necessary. The cost of medical treatment for a child with brain damage can be staggering. If you believe your child's brain damage was a result of medical negligence, you may be entitled to sue for damages and should speak with a New York brain injury attorney immediately. While taking legal action will not reverse the unfortunate outcome of your baby's birth injury, it can help provide you and your family with needed financial security.

Brain Damage Birth Injury Settlements

Brain damage birth injury cases usually result in very large financial settlements for loss of enjoyment of life and to offset years of medical bills and other expenses. The highest level of legal expertise is necessary to handle these complex cases.

If you think you have a brain damage birth injury case, please contact the New York birth injury lawyers at Mark L. Bodner today. There are strict time limits in birth injury lawsuits, and prompt action is critical to a successful resolution.

Mark L. Bodner is an experienced New York birth injury attorney who has helped many families win large settlements to ensure that their child will have the correct and proper care over the course of the child's lifetime. His New York City brain injury attorneys have represented hundreds of families in cases involving severe birth injuries and maternal death following deliveries of babies.

Click here for a free evaluation of your brain damage birth injury case, or speak directly with Mark L. Bodner by calling 646-832-2732. There is no obligation or cost to you.

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