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$3 Million jury verdict on behalf of the widow and family of a 71 year old man who was not treated properly following a stroke. After being admitted to an emergency room feeling weak, dizzy and nauseous, a lack of communication between doctors combined with failure to treat resulted in irreversible brain damage.  After agonizing rehabilitation, he remained fully conscious and almost completely paralyzed for three years before he died.

Failure to diagnose is a form of medical malpractice. If you received a delayed medical diagnosis, you may be entitled to compensation for pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment of life and medical expenses. If you believe you have a failure to diagnose case, please contact New York failure to diagnose lawyer Mark L. Bodner for a free consultation.

As stated in a recent article in The New York Times¹, "misdiagnosis is killing thousands of Americans each year." In fact, "studies of autopsies have shown that doctors seriously misdiagnose fatal illnesses about 20 percent of the time." Even more shocking is that this rate "has not really changed since the 1930s," despite the advances available to modern medicine.

Failure to diagnose a disease in a timely manner can make the difference between life and death. When an illness is not treated promptly and correctly, it may progress to an untreatable, unmanageable stage, leading to death. A failed, delayed or inaccurate diagnosis acts like a snowball moving down a mountain, gathering speed and volume. The success of treatment options and survival chances are directly related to detecting a disease at the earliest possible stage, making screening tests and recognition of early warning signs critical for patient survival. Failure to diagnose leaves a patient at the mercy of disease.

Failure to order x-rays, CAT scans, MRIs, mammograms, ultrasounds, laboratory blood work, or to improperly interpret and report results, all contribute to a failure to diagnose. Failure to perform basic screening tests and examinations that are standard practice within the medical community is also considered failure to diagnose. Any of these steps along the way can result in worsening of a treatable medical condition leading to premature and unnecessary death.

$2.6 Million settlement on behalf of an infant who did not receive timely elective bowel surgery.   As a result, the infant required emergency surgery and endured extensive post-operative problems, which necessitated additional surgery to remove a substantial portion of his intestines. Appearances

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Mark L. Bodner is a New York failure to diagnose lawyer who has successfully represented many victims and families who have been forced to deal with the impact of failures to diagnosis, delayed diagnosis and incorrect diagnosis. He is familiar with the special issues and complexities that are involved in this area of the law, and draws on his extensive experience in medical malpractice to represent his clients in and out of the courtroom. Mark L. Bodner has obtained record verdicts for his clients - proof of his extraordinary expertise and dedication.

If you or someone you love is suffering from the effects of a failure to diagnose, call Mark L. Bodner at 646-832-2732 or click here to send an email. We will respond promptly.

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¹ Leonhardt, David. (2006, Feb. 22). Why Doctors So Often Get It Wrong. The New York Times. Retrieved from

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