What You Should Know about Nursing Home Negligence in New York

If you believe that your loved one is experiencing nursing home negligence, you may be looking to pursue financial compensation in order to hold the nursing home accountable. A nursing home is a place that people should be able to put their full trust into taking care of their loved ones. Unfortunately, the reality is, […]

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Nursing Home Negligence in New York City | What You Need to Know

If you had to make the tough decision to place your loved one in a nursing home, you most likely did so with a heavy heart, as all you can do is hope those in the nursing home treat your loved one with the compassion and care that you would. Unfortunately, this does not always […]

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Can I Sue a Nursing Home or Hospital For Coronavirus-Related Negligence?

The COVID-19 pandemic has taken the nation by storm, leaving many scrambling to handle its devastating effects.聽 Healthcare professionals and medical facilities are no exception. Of course, we have the utmost respect for all those on the frontlines, working to treat the affected and put an end to this horrible disease. That being said, we […]

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