What to do After a Pedestrian Accident in New York

New York City is a very busy place where many people use walking as a method of transportation. The roads are also frequently congested with drivers at every moment of the day. This is why pedestrians should always be extra cautious and aware of their surroundings while walking. This is because accidents can happen at any time. This may be due to their own actions or those of another party. If a pedestrian becomes injured at the expense of a motor vehicle, that driver may be liable.

People who are harmed in personal injury accidents may be able to receive compensation. This can cover any suffering they might incur as a result of the accident. This can include any medical bills, lost wages, or emotional suffering. The exists to assist in treating any impacts the accident had on their life.

Personal Injury Protection

When a pedestrian is injured in a motor vehicle accident, they may be covered by Personal Injury Protection (PIP). PIP is no-fault insurance that the majority of automobile insurance policies carry. This exists for people who are involved in motor vehicle accidents, allowing them to receive compensation. This can cover any added expenses that arise because of the accident. The compensation is available regardless of who is at fault.

In the event that PIP does not cover all these necessary costs, the injured party may be able to receive further compensation. This can be done through a personal injury lawsuit. An experienced attorney can be beneficial to have during this time to navigate the case.

Proving Negligence

To receive this compensation in a personal injury lawsuit, the injured party must successfully prove the other party involved was negligent. They must also prove this negligence was the cause of their injuries. To do so, it must be shown that the other party drove unsafely. The injured party must also prove this behavior is what caused the accident and their injuries. Actions that may be deemed as negligence can include using a phone while driving, driving under the influence, reckless driving, speeding, and more.

There are some cases in which an accident may be caused by a third party that was involved. This may be the manufacturer of the vehicle or even the negligence of a municipality. If the negligence of a municipality caused an accident, the injured party can still receive damages. It is possible for injured parties to receive both economic and non-economic damages. This is because when people are involved in an accident, they often suffer physically and emotionally. Economic damages cover medical bills and lost wages while non-economic damages compensate them for emotional traumas.

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