Who Is Liable in a Shared Electric Scooter Accident?

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Shared electric scooter companies like Bird, Lime, and Veo have grown more popular amongst New York City commuters. For starters, they are generally convenient, being a time-efficient and cost-friendly mode of transportation in a city with a never-ending influx of traffic. It must be emphasized that this is considered a mode of transportation rather than a toy that can be taken out on a joyride. That is, scooter riders must practice safety, or else an accident may follow. In this case, read on to discover the liable party for a shared electric scooter accident and how a seasoned New York City auto accident attorney at Mark L. Bodner, P.C. can help you hold them accountable.

What are the most common causes of a shared electric scooter accident?

You may use a shared electric scooter without a driver’s license, auto insurance, or motor vehicle registration. You may not even need to wear a helmet. However, the same things that make this mode of transportation convenient may make it equally dangerous. Even if you ride with caution and care, another motor vehicle driver or external factor may cause you great injury. Without further ado, you may become involved in an electric scooter accident under any of the following circumstances:

  • You may encounter an unavoidable pothole or uneven surface in your designated bike lane or shared New York City street.
  • You may collide with an automobile driver when they change lanes, make a turn, or otherwise if you are in their blind spot.
  • You may collide with a bicyclist who recklessly passes you or a pedestrian who negligently stands in the designated bike lane.
  • You may experience a malfunction in your scooter that causes you to lose control of it (i.e., faulty brakes, damaged handlebars, flat tires, etc).

Who is liable if I am injured in a shared electric scooter accident?

A 2022 study reported that approximately 680 individuals got injured in an electric scooter-related accident in 2022 alone. If you have unfortunately joined this statistic, you may wonder how to get justice out of your situation. In other words, you may contemplate who to hold liable via a personal injury claim. Well, the answer lies in the specific circumstances surrounding your accident.

For one, if the catalyst of your accident was a pothole or otherwise a flaw in the roadway, you may hold a city entity liable. This is so long as the Commissioner of Transportation previously received notice of the defect but neglected to rectify it on time. Secondly, you may blame an automobile driver, bicyclist, or pedestrian for your injuries if their negligent disobedience of New York City traffic laws prompted your accident. And lastly,聽if your accident was due to a malfunction, the at-fault party may be Bird, Lime, Veo, or otherwise the company that manufactures the electric scooter you used at the time.

In a way, the best thing you can do to help yourself is to allow a competent New York City personal injury attorney to help you. So please, as soon as you are ready, get in touch with us at Mark L. Bodner, P.C.