Serious Motor Vehicle Accidents

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Serious motor vehicle collisions and car accidents are often the result of the carelessness or negligent conduct of other drivers. If you have been involved in a serious motor vehicle accident either as a driver, a passenger or a pedestrian, you may be entitled to financial compensation. Please contact New York personal injury lawyer Mark L. Bodner for a free consultation.

Car accidents are one of the most common causes for personal injury lawsuits. It is expected that anyone operating a vehicle must exercise reasonable care. If a driver does not use reasonable care, they can be considered negligent and thereby liable for damages incurred as a result of their involvement in an accident.

Serious motor vehicle accidents can cause brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, bone fractures and breaks, nerve injuries, and other severe injuries. In accidents that involve the negligent or careless conduct of another driver, a personal injury lawsuit can help the injured person obtain financial compensation for pain and suffering, medical expenses, rehabilitation, therapy and loss of wages.

Do I Have a Personal Injury Case?

You may have a personal injury case if your motor vehicle accident involved:

What Determines Fault In a Motor Vehicle Accident?

While your instincts may tell you that the other person involved in the accident was negligent, the court looks at specific factors to determine fault. Some of these factors include:

Drivers are not the only ones that can be held liable. For example, a government entity can be held accountable for lack of appropriate signs or poor road lighting. Automobile manufacturers can also be liable for car defects.

Proving fault in a motor vehicle accident can be complicated. That is why it is in your best interests to hire a skilled personal injury lawyer. A personal injury lawyer will investigate your case by reviewing police reports, traffic laws and interviewing witnesses. He will fight for your rights and help you recover the maximum amount of damages allowed.

Motor Vehicle Accident Settlements

Mark L. Bodner is a New York personal injury lawyer who has successfully represented many victims and families who have been forced to deal with the impact of serious motor vehicle accidents involving negligence. He is familiar with the special issues and complexities that are involved in this area of the law, and draws on his extensive experience to represent his clients in and out of the courtroom. Mr. Bodner has successfully negotiated record verdicts for his clients -- proof positive of his superior representation and effectiveness.

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