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$12 Million jury verdict for a 65 year old man after a hospital鈥檚 failure to treat a gastrointestinal disorder which led to a ruptured esophagus. His entire esophagus had to be replaced, and the quality of his life and health was severely affected.


$6 Million jury verdict for a 26 year old woman who delivered a baby and sustained a fourth-degree laceration of her vagina extending into the rectum. The wound was not effectively repaired or treated. Years later, despite two colorectal surgeries, she has permanent residual fecal incontinence.


$5.25 Million settlement for the family of a 50 year old executive who bled to death during a hospital admission leaving a wife and two grown children.


$4.5 Million settlement for a mother and child who suffered injuries at childbirth. A hospital and physician failed to diagnose fetal distress which resulted in a lack of oxygen to the baby leading to brain damage, and a ruptured uterus to the mother.


$3.85 Million settlement for the wrongful death of a 31 year old husband and father whose testicular cancer was untimely diagnosed before it spread beyond effective treatment.


$3.5 Million jury verdict on behalf of the husband and son of a 32 year old woman who had just delivered her first child. She went into sickle cell crisis, did not receive a timely transfusion for over 10 days, and died shortly thereafter.


$3 Million settlement for the wrongful death of a 33 year old mother of two聽who died shortly after childbirth because hospital personnel failed to diagnose and treat hypertension and pre-eclampsia, leading to bleeding in the brain, seizures and eclampsia.


$3 Million settlement for a 40 year old man whose nasopharyngeal carcinoma was not timely diagnosed聽and treated because a pathologist failed to report the presence of cancer on surgical pathology slides which were subsequently read properly after a tumor quadrupled in size leading to a worse prognosis and diminished chance for cure.


$3 Million settlement in a cardiology malpractice case聽for the wrongful death of a 45 year old, employed, married father of two children whose abnormal cardiac condition was not timely treated.


$3 Million settlement for wrongful death聽on behalf of the husband and adult sons of a 51 year old woman who was misdiagnosed with Bell鈥檚 Palsy (one-sided facial paralysis) .聽 There was a failure to diagnose cancer (a malignant parotid gland facial tumor) for over a year, when the cancer spread beyond effective treatment.


$3 Million jury verdict on behalf of the widow and family of a 71 year old man聽who was not treated properly following a stroke. After being admitted to an emergency room feeling weak, dizzy and nauseous, a lack of communication between doctors combined with failure to treat resulted in irreversible brain damage.聽 After agonizing rehabilitation, he remained fully conscious and almost completely paralyzed for three years before he died.


$2.8聽 Million settlement for a 12 year old girl whose symptoms of diabetes insipidus聽were not diagnosed for over two years thereby delaying crucial surgery to remove a tumor, leading to blindness in one eye and loss of peripheral vision in the other.


$2.6 Million settlement on behalf of an infant聽who did not receive timely elective bowel surgery.聽聽 As a result, the infant required emergency surgery and endured extensive post-operative problems, which necessitated additional surgery to remove a substantial portion of his intestines.


$2 Million settlement for the delayed diagnosis of cervical cancer in a 27 year old mother聽of two whose abnormal pap smear results were ignored without further testing and timely treatment resulting in a worse stage and prognosis.


$2 Million settlement 聽for a single 58 year old NYC hospital nurse聽whose chest x-ray report, describing an abnormal density, went ignored by her gynecologist and internist until two years later when another chest x-ray showed growth of the same abnormality.聽 There was a failure to diagnose lung cancer until she was at advanced Stage IV with diminished life expectancy.


$2 Million settlement for a twelve year old child聽whose cast for a leg fracture was placed too tight, resulting in compartment syndrome and multiple muscle and skin graft procedures.


$2 Million settlement for a child whose mother did not receive timely sonograms聽during her pregnancy when she was known to have been exposed to a virus. As a result of not receiving crucial treatment during the pregnancy, the child was born prematurely with brain damage.


$1.85 Million settlement for a 34 year old married man whose ventriculo-peritoneal shunt was improperly replaced and as a result suffered additional neurological deficits.


$1.8 Million jury verdict for a 43 year old woman聽whose physician failed to properly diagnose and treat her symptoms of appendicitis.聽 When her problems persisted, the defendant physician prescribed medication over the telephone, without ever seeing her.聽 She required emergency surgery to remove a crucial portion of her bowel from extensive infection, which left her with severe dietary restrictions and untreatable diarrhea.


$1.4 Million settlement for a 50 year old woman聽who underwent a facelift and was left with permanent facial damage.聽 The surgeon had no experience with a 鈥渄eep muscle鈥 facelift, failed to recognize serious post-operative problems and did not refer her for timely follow up care.聽 She required 17 subsequent surgeries, including skin grafting from the leg and chest, and corrective eye surgery to repair facial nerve damage.


$1.25 Million settlement for an 84 year old woman whose advanced peripheral vascular disease聽was ignored in the performance of a total knee replacement resulting in the need for a leg amputation above the knee.


$1.15 Million settlement for a 42 year old married woman聽whose tennis elbow surgery performed by a high-profile professional sports team orthopedic surgeon resulted in permanent severe radial and posterior interosseous nerve damage.


$1 Million verdict for the family of a single 51 year old New York City employee聽who underwent surgery for rheumatoid arthritis of the cervical spine. His neurosurgeons neglected to timely diagnose and treat a postoperative infection causing permanent paralysis (quadriplegia). After 13 days communicating with an eye board and lip reader, he elected to terminate his life by directing withdrawal of ventilation support.


$1 Million settlement during trial for a 36 year old electrician.聽 A pharmacy incorrectly labeled a prescription leading to a substantial overdose of Prednisone, a powerful steroid.聽 As a result, he developed avascular necrosis (a degeneration of both hips), requiring surgical replacement with prosthetic devices.


$1 Million verdict for the family of a 58 year old executive聽who was being treated for lung cancer.聽 Following surgery to remove part of the left lung, the doctor neglected to treat excessive mucous in the lungs, which led to the patient developing fatal pneumonia.聽 He died nine days after the surgery.

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