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How can a brain injury result in legal action?

When accidents occur, people can become injured. These injuries can range depending on the type of accident they were involved in and its severity. Sometimes individuals are lucky to walk away with a few scrapes and bruises. Other times individuals may have lasting damage for life. These injuries can include a traumatic brain injury. When […]

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Who is responsible for a construction accident?

During each work day, employees have tasks to complete. If they are injured, they may be unable to complete their responsibilities. For construction workers, their job can be especially difficult to complete if they are injured. Their jobs can be quite physical. It requires them to be in complete physical health. If they are involved […]

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Can weather affect a slip and fall case?

New York winters can be brutal. Our area can receive a lot of snow that piles up around the roads. Under this snow, there may be ice. Due to these conditions, pedestrians should proceed with caution during the winter months. This can be a prime time for slip and fall accidents. If individuals are on […]

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Who files a wrongful death claim?

Accidents can lead to injuries. Whether these accidents are a motor vehicle accident or a tragic slip and fall, they can result in devastating consequences. These consequences can be difficult for a victim to deal with. When these consequences instead result in death, it can be difficult for the loved ones鈥 of the victim to […]

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How can a pedestrian be struck by a car?

Pedestrians travel along the roads that we drive on. When pedestrians are walking down a sidewalk, they should be aware of their surroundings to make sure they are not in any danger. Motor vehicles on the road have a duty to travel safely as well. Drivers should be aware of pedestrians that are near the […]

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