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Construction Accidents in New York

New York City is famous for its awe-inspiring skyscrapers and attention to detail throughout the city. Construction workers have been building up New York City since the late 1800s. Even today, you will hard-pressed to turn a corner in the city and not see construction somewhere. Construction workers are consistently improving buildings, sidewalks, roads, etc. […]

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Truck Accidents in New York

Trucks are the largest vehicle on the road. They can weight up to 30 times more than a regular passenger car. Due to their massive size and weight, it makes the vehicle a lot more difficult to control than a smaller vehicle. Because of this, truck accidents are some of the most dangerous accidents that […]

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Automobile Accidents in New York

There are a number of vehicles driving on busy roads at any time of every day. Because of this, automobile accidents can, unfortunately, happen several times a day all over the state. this can happen to any vehicle on the road for a number of reasons. In the state of New York, accidents may be […]

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Slip & Fall Injuries in New York

An individual should always be cautious and aware of their surroundings while they are out walking. Even with this in mind, it is still possible for a walk to result in an accident and injury. Accidents can happen when property conditions are not well maintained by those who are obligated to look after them. This […]

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Can a lawsuit stem from the wrong anesthesia?

When patients have to undergo surgery or any type of procedure that requires anesthesia, doctors that specialize in this field are needed to administer the anesthesia in order to do it correctly. Anesthesiologists are highly skilled at this task. They have the education that gives them the ability to prepare this source for patients. As […]

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What can I do after a car accident?

New York has some of the most congested roads in the country. Whether you are navigating the streets of our cities or driving on suburban roads, you will be faced with hazards and aggressive drivers that may cause accidents to occur on the roads. When these situations occur, a car can face damage and people […]

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What is medical malpractice?

Patients seek the help of doctors during times of illness because they trust these professionals. They turn to medical professionals to learn how they can feel better physically. The advice they get from doctors can help them recover from their physical illness. Unfortunately, this can lead to negligence experienced from a doctor as well. Medical […]

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