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Diagnosis Error Medical Malpractice in New York City

Physicians should be fully prepared and qualified to handle medical situations. Accurate and timely diagnoses are vital to the health of a patient. Obviously, a deviation from the medical standard of care can have devastating effects. For some, being diagnosed with the wrong disease can lead to the pain and suffering of undergoing unnecessary medical procedures, the effects of taking the wrong medication, and the potential progression of undetected diseases. In the worst cases, a diagnosis error can have fatal results.

Understanding what makes a medical malpractice case

A medical malpractice case is complicated. Just because a medical professional made a mistake, does not automatically mean that they were negligent. The medical standard of care is a legal term describing the threshold at which a doctor, nurse, or healthcare facility can be considered negligent. This is defined as a failure to meet the standard established by peers in the same field and a deviation from what a normal, competent medical professional would do under the same circumstances. Our firm handles all diagnosis errors, including, but not limited to delayed diagnosis of serious and terminal diseases and the failure to diagnose cancer, including cancers of the breast, ovarian, prostate, cervical, lung, testicular, renal, and skin. These are serious situations that deserve an effective and experienced medical malpractice attorney.

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Mark L. Bodner, P.C. is an experienced medical malpractice law firm located in New York City. Our firm is dedicated to providing each client with a compassionate, but zealous representation. We are tireless advocates for our clients, working closely to develop a strategy that meets their needs and works towards the most positive conclusion possible. We understand and recognize the impact of medical malpractice. We believe that every victim deserves justice when the negligence of a medical professional causes harm. Those people should be held accountable and actions should be taken to stop further harm. Contact Mark L. Bodner, P.C. to discuss your legal matter further.

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