How Do I Cope with the Pain a Physician Caused?

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You may trust that your physician will relieve you from any illness or injury you are suffering from. So you may be beside yourself when the exact opposite happens and they cause you further pain. At this time, there are ways you can rely on yourself to cope with the physical and emotional pain you have wrongly incurred.聽Follow along to find out how to cope with the pain a negligent physician inflicted on you and how a proficient New York City medical malpractice attorney at Mark L. Bodner, P.C. can show you how a lawsuit can help you recuperate.

How might I cope with the pain a negligent physician inflicted on me?

You are stronger than you may initially realize. For one, you have already endured the woes of your initial illness or injury. Now, you are fighting through the additional physical and emotional pain that a negligent physician has inflicted on you. Without further ado, below are coping mechanisms you can adopt to continue to weather this difficult time:

  • Coping with the physical pain a negligent physician caused you:
    • You can switch medical providers to receive the care that you still require.
    • You can diligently abide by the treatment path your new medical provider has recommended (i.e., surgeries, physical therapies, medicines, etc).
    • You can purchase over-the-counter medications or attend complementary therapies (i.e., acupuncture, massages, etc). to further relieve your pain.
  • Coping with the emotional pain a negligent physician caused you:
    • You can keep a journal to express how the negligent physician has hurt you.
    • You can lean on your family members and close friends to emotionally support you.
    • You can take better care of yourself (i.e., eat healthy, get enough sleep, get daily exercise, etc). to work towards a speedy recovery.

How might a medical malpractice claim help me manage my pain?

You may not initially understand the connection, but becoming the plaintiff of a medical malpractice claim may help you better cope with your physical and emotional pain. This is because, if you are successful, the negligent physician may have to financially compensate you for the economic (i.e., medical bills) and non-economic damages (i.e., pain and suffering) that you have had to deal with.

Understandably so, no amount of money may make up for the hurt that a negligent physician put you through. But at the very least, it may allow you to move on from this painful state sooner rather than later. Ultimately, you may be intimidated by the legal proceedings that lie ahead of you. One way to make this easier is to have a talented New York City medical malpractice attorney stand by your side throughout. Contact Mark L. Bodner, P.C. at your earliest possible convenience.