Can a Catastrophic Accident Occur in a Haunted House?

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Besides trick-or-treating, another way in which you might celebrate Halloween is by going to a haunted house. This attraction targets thrill-seekers who enjoy the “illusion” of imminent danger. There is an emphasis on “illusion” because you should not be placed directly in harm’s way by participating in this activity. So if you are, then you must press on with legal action.聽Follow along to find out how a catastrophic accident might occur in a haunted house and how a proficient New York City personal injury attorney at Mark L. Bodner, P.C. can offer you sound legal advice.

How might a catastrophic accident occur in a haunted house?

First of all, the owner of a haunted house has a duty of care to ensure that the attraction is clear of any potentially dangerous conditions before allowing visitors to enter. So when they fail to uphold this duty, this is when a catastrophic accident might occur. Examples may include, but may not be limited to, the following:

  • The owner may fail to fix loose floorboards, lifted carpeting, missing steps, etc. So, a slip and fall may cause a visitor to incur broken, fractured, or sprained bones.
  • The owner may fail to tightly fasten overhead props, decorations, etc. So, a falling object may cause a visitor to incur a head or neck injury.
  • The owner may fail to routinely check elevators, escalators, moving rides, etc. So, a malfunction may cause a visitor to incur an injury.
  • The owner may fail to abide by the enforced occupancy limit for the building. So, overcrowding and trampling may cause a visitor to incur an injury.

What is the deadline for bringing my injury claim forward?

Regardless of what type of catastrophic accident you may have experienced in a haunted house, you must hold the negligent owner liable in an injury claim. This may just be the only way in which you can recover monetary damages to properly heal, as well.聽Now, there is a statute of limitations in New York State for a personal injury claim such as yours. This deadline is typically three years from the date on which your catastrophic accident occurred.

However, we may recommend that you get started on your claim before this calendar year comes to a close. This is because it may take you longer than you initially thought to recover the documentation necessary for your claim (i.e., police reports, incident reports, surveillance camera footage, witness testimonies, etc). What’s more, missing this deadline may just mean a permanent bar from suing.

In the end, the first step you must take in your injury claim is to retain the services of a talented New York City personal injury attorney. So call us at Mark L. Bodner, P.C. today.