Can I Claim PTSD in My Medical Malpractice Case?

woman in distress

Understandably so, having been a victim of medical malpractice must have been a traumatic event for you. And now, there is a possibility that you may be suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) as a result. You must seek out justice, on top of financial compensation, in a situation such as this.聽Follow along to find out whether you can claim PTSD in your case and how a proficient New York City medical malpractice attorney at Mark L. Bodner, P.C. can help recover your damages.

By definition, what is PTSD?

First of all, PTSD is a psychological condition that an individual may develop after a traumatic event. More specifically, with this condition, “triggers” may bring back memories of said traumatic event and an individual may then experience adverse physical and emotional reactions. Examples of such symptoms are as follows:

  • An individual may suffer from recurrent nightmares or insomnia.
  • An individual may suffer from chronic self-destructive behavior.
  • An individual may suffer from chronic agitation or hostility.
  • An individual may suffer from severe hypervigilance.
  • An individual may suffer from severe anxiety or depressive moods.

Unfortunately, this condition may linger for months or even years, significantly diminishing one’s quality of life.

Is it possible to claim PTSD in my medical malpractice case?

The short answer is, yes, you may claim PTSD in your medical malpractice case. With this, you may argue that you trusted a medical professional to treat you with care. So, you may claim that you were ultimately traumatized when they instead treated you negligently or otherwise failed to treat you at all.

Further, you may go on to point out that a reasonable medical professional would not have allowed such a traumatic event to occur to you, as they would have practiced at the standard upheld by the medical community.聽You may even bring in expert witnesses, such as a psychiatrist, to confirm how your PTSD diagnosis is directly tied to the traumatic event that was your medical malpractice incident.

What other damages can I claim?

Without further ado, you may also claim the below damages related to your PTSD diagnosis:

  • Economic damages:
    • Your medical bills for psychotherapy sessions.
    • Your medical bills for your prescription medications.
    • Your lost wages due to your inability to return to work in your condition.
  • Non-economic damages:
    • Your mental anguish.
    • Your loss of consortium.
    • Your diminished quality of life.

It is worth mentioning that you may attempt to collect other damages you incurred as a result of your medical malpractice incident, unrelated to your PTSD.聽So when it comes to your claim, you need a talented New York City medical malpractice attorney by your side. You must contact Mark L. Bodner, P.C. as soon as possible.