Can I Sue a Negligent or Abusive Daycare Provider?

Many parents have no choice but to drop their kids off at a daycare facility while they work. Daycare is an important part of a child鈥檚 life, as he or she will just begin learning about how to navigate human relationships and develop an ever-changing understanding of the world. Children are constantly learning in daycare, even if they are not being formally educated at the time. Children are like sponges in that they are constantly absorbing and interpreting information. This is why it is so crucial your child is left in a positive, supportive environment while you are away. Fortunately, this is usually the case.

However, sometimes daycares are negligent, and your child may be injured or harmed as a result. If your child was injured, you are now understandably furious and are seeking financial compensation for the damages you and your child have sustained as a result. If you find yourself in this situation, here are some of the questions you may have regarding your legal options going forward:

How do I sue a negligent daycare?

If you have reason to believe that your child was the victim of abuse or neglect at his or her daycare center, your attorney must do several things to successfully sue a daycare for damages. First, your attorney must prove that your child was enrolled in the daycare service and that they, therefore, owed your child a duty of care. You must then prove that a negligent daycare employer or staff breached that duty of care and injured or harmed your child as a result. If you can prove that the damages your child sustained could have been prevented with reasonable precautions, you should recover financial compensation.

How can I prove a daycare was negligent?

To prove your child was injured due to a negligent daycare employee or staffer, your attorney may use pictures of your child鈥檚 injuries, pictures of the safety hazard that caused your child鈥檚 injuries, medical documents, police reports, witness statements, and more. If you suspect your child is the victim of daycare abuse, you cannot afford to wait another second. Pick up the phone and call 911 immediately, then contact an experienced attorney who is ready to aggressively fight for your family鈥檚 rights. The statute of limitations for personal injury claims in New York is three years, so if you wish to file a lawsuit, you must act now.

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