Medical Malpractice Claims for Failure to Diagnose Ovarian Cancer | What to Know

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We trust medical professionals with our lives, in many ways. Unfortunately, they sometimes fall short of the standard of care we expect them to provide. One of the most harmful things a physician can do is fail to diagnose certain types of cancer, such as ovarian cancer, especially when signs of it would be apparent to other reasonable physicians. If your medical professional missed your ovarian cancer and you’ve been harmed as a result, you should continue reading and reach out to an experienced New York City medical malpractice attorney from our firm today. Here are some of the questions you may have:

What happens when a doctor fails to diagnose ovarian cancer?

Cancer of the ovaries, when left untreated, can drastically impact a person. As with all types of cancer, early detection is always best. When ovarian cancer goes untreated, after a period of time, it will cause cancer to worsen, and perhaps spread. This can result in a diminished quality of life, invasive procedures, and a lower survival rate. This is unacceptable, but unfortunately, it’s not entirely rare.

What can I do if my doctor failed to diagnose ovarian cancer?

If your doctor failed to diagnose your ovarian cancer, the first thing you should do is speak with an experienced failure to diagnose ovarian cancer lawyer who can assess your case and determine whether you have a viable medical malpractice claim. From here, your attorney will file your claim and work to prove that you were harmed as a direct result of your medical professional’s negligence. As long as we can prove that the physician in question fell below the medical standard of care and that you incurred significant damages as a result, you should recover financial compensation.

Do I need to file a medical malpractice claim within a certain timeframe in New York?

Yes. In fact, it’s imperative that you do. The statute of limitations for medical malpractice claims in New York State is, traditionally, two and a half years, which means that if you wait any longer than this, you will most likely permanently lose your right to sue. Our legal team is prepared to assist you today and attain the justice you deserve–you just have to get in touch.


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