What Are Examples of Soft Tissue Injuries?

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The injuries that you incur after your personal injury accident may not be completely visible to the naked eye. That is, you may experience a type of soft tissue injury. Continue reading to learn examples of soft tissue injuries and how an experienced New York City personal injury attorney at Mark Bodner, P.C. can help you heal from them.

What is a soft tissue injury?

First of all, a soft tissue injury is one in which you incur damage to your muscles, ligaments, or tendons. Specifically, there are three common types of soft tissue injuries: sprains, tendinitis, and contusion.

You may experience a sprain in the ligaments around your joints, such as your knees, wrists, and ankles. They affect your muscles and tendons, which can ultimately be healed by as little as rest and rehabilitation or as much as surgery.

In addition, you may experience tendinitis from the repetitive stress on the same part of your body, which causes your bones to scrape against your tendons. This may cause inflammation of the tendons around your joints, such as your shoulders and your wrists. Tendinitis can be seen through bursitis or carpal tunnel syndrome.

And lastly, you may experience contusion from the internal bleeding around your injury site. The swelling that comes with this may painfully affect the functionality of your injury site. This is commonly the result of your muscle fibers and tissues being damaged from an abrupt blow or fall.

What are examples of personal injury accidents that cause soft tissue injuries?

With all that being said, a soft tissue injury can be classified even further into two categories: an acute injury and an overuse injury.

For one, an acute injury is usually the result of a catastrophic accident. More specific examples may include a traumatic auto accident, slip and fall accident, construction accident, or trucking accident, among others. Notably, sprains and contusions are types of acute soft tissue injuries.

On the other hand, an overuse injury is usually the result of repeatedly engaging in a certain type of activity with a certain part of your body that inhibits your muscles and tissues from fully recovering. More specific examples may include a workplace accident or a sports-related accident. Notably, tendinitis is a type of overuse soft tissue injury.

What should I do if I incurred a soft tissue injury?

If you experienced a catastrophic personal injury accident that led to your soft tissue injury, then you may be able to hold the negligent party accountable via a personal injury claim. Contrastingly, if you receive this injury from a workplace accident, then you may be able to file a third-party claim or even seek workers’ compensation benefits.

Whatever the case might be, contact a skilled New York City personal injury attorney today.