What Are Signs of Traumatic Brain Injury I Should Be Aware of?

x-ray scan brain

With a traumatic brain injury comes great physical, emotional, and financial turmoil. This becomes all the more devastating and unbearable if you wrongfully incurred this injury due to another party’s negligence. Continue reading to learn the different signs of brain injury to look out for and how an experienced New York City traumatic brain injury attorney at Mark L. Bodner, P.C. can work on your behalf.

What is a traumatic brain injury?

Simply put, a traumatic brain injury is a type of head injury that is caused by an abrupt, violent external physical force. And so, it may be seen as a result of a personal injury accident such as an auto accident, construction accident, slip and fall accident, or otherwise. The two specific types of traumatic brain injuries are as follows:

  • A close head injury: this is a type of head injury in which the damage to the brain cannot be seen (i..e, lack of oxygen to the brain).
  • A penetrating head injury: this is a type of head injury in which the wound to the head is obvious (i.e., an object breaking the skin).

What are the signs of traumatic brain injury?

Though this is considered a catastrophic injury, a traumatic brain injury may not be immediately obvious after an accident. And so, before it is too late, you must look out for the following signs of head injury:

  • You are experiencing a splitting headache.
  • You are experiencing nausea or vomiting.
  • You are experiencing drowsiness or fatigue.
  • You are experiencing sensitivity to light or sound.
  • You are having slurred speech.
  • You are having difficulty keeping up with conversations.
  • You are having difficulty remembering things or are experiencing confusion.
  • You are having difficulty writing or spelling.
  • You are having difficulty locating yourself in relation to external objects.

Do I have a catastrophic injury case on my hands?

If you are now suffering from a traumatic brain injury after an accident that was of no fault of your own, then you may have a catastrophic injury case on your hands. With this, you must satisfy your burden of proof and gather enough evidence that ties your head injury directly to the negligence of another party. Then, you must list all the damages you need to recover, whether it be long-term medical care bills, rehabilitation bills, lost wages, lost personal relationships, pain and suffering, or otherwise.

Importantly, the statute of limitations for a catastrophic injury claim in New York State is generally two years from the date of an accident. Otherwise, you will be permanently barred from an opportunity to sue. So, before it is too late, you must retain the services of a skilled New York City personal injury attorney.