Who Caused My Surgical Error?

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Between all the paperwork you had to fill out and appointments you had to attend, it may have been a long road before you finally reached your surgery date. So it is nothing less than devastating if, after all this waiting while suffering through pain no less, your health does not get any better afterward. What’s worse is if your health seriously declines or becomes life-threatening due to an error that was made during your surgical procedure. In this case, continue reading to learn who might have caused your surgical error to happen and how an experienced New York City surgical errors attorney at Mark L. Bodner, P.C. can help you recover from the consequences you now face.

Who might have caused my surgical error to happen?

You may be quick to blame the surgeon for the surgical error that went down during your procedure. However, depending on what this error was exactly, other parties involved before or during your surgery may have had a hand in it.

For example, before your surgery date, you may be required to schedule and attend a pre-op appointment with your primary care physician. Here, your physician may, unfortunately, fail to accurately record your medical history, effectively conduct the right physical tests, or promptly send your records to your hospital or surgeon. With this, your surgeon may have been misinformed and subsequently made an error.

In another example, before your surgery time, your anesthesiologist may, unfortunately, fail to correctly calculate the right type and dosage of anesthesia to administer based on your height, weight, age, medical history, etc. What’s more, during your surgery, they may fail to closely monitor your blood pressure, heartbeat, and oxygen levels to ensure the anesthesia is not adversely affecting you. Overall, this may have been the root of your surgical complications.

Or, after your surgery, your nurse may, unfortunately, fail to mindfully read your patient chart or listen to your doctor’s orders and administer the wrong type of dosage of medication. So while your surgery may have been successful, the subsequent medication errors may have caused your catastrophic damages.

How do I recover from the aftermath of this error?

Regardless of who you think might have caused your surgical error, you may know for certain that was no fault of your own. That said, it is almost always the case that a surgical error constitutes a medical malpractice claim. This may be the only way to get financial aid to physically, mentally, and emotionally recover from your surgical injuries. After all, you should not have incurred these injuries in the first place, if only the medical professionals conducted their jobs correctly.

What you need the most is likely strong legal representation from a skilled New York City hospital negligence attorney. Someone at Mark L. Bodner, P.C. is eagerly waiting for you to reach out to us.